Financial Bank Guarantee

Financial BG SFMS swift code instrument valid for (1 year 1day only)

No advance & hidden charges.

1. Financial BG SFMS - (23+2) = 25 (Provider charge + Consultant charge )

a) 23 % = Credit Limit Provider is mentioned in bank Agreement copy.

b) 2% = Consultant charge

Required Documents :

1. Client bank should give sanction credit facility limit letter - to raise the financial BG + KYC, LOI, BG BANK VERBIAGE SEALED & SIGNED (swift code confirmation format ) documents and 3 years ITR papers , 10% bank statement proof of fund from the face value of BG ,with one cancelled cheque leaf.

2. We will arrange you to get the equal credit line limit provider to the client for raise the actual value of financial BG for one year one day.

3. Agreement between client & credit limit provider.

4. With agreement copy, then provider bank will send the VERBIAGE SFMS swift code confirmation regarding the Financial Bank Guarantee to the client bank & client should pay the immediately 10% to his bank once get confirmation through SFMS swift code, once paid the fees then provide bank will raise the financial BG.

5. Provider bank will raise the financial BG instrument & send the hard copy to the client bank.

6. Once received the financial BG hard copy instrument, client should approach to his bank for discounting the financial BG up to 90% of face value BG.

7. Once received the BG discounting amount to the client account, Account holder should pay the remaining 13 % charges to the credit line limit provider & 2% services charges for consultant.

Note: Please download the LOI format: