Procedures - Performance BG instrument.

Eligible clients those who have Government ( Central / state ) work orders , services based projects to raise the performance BG. Only bank to bank mail confirmation is allowed. No personal verification or phone verification is allowed.

Performance BG - (10 +2) = 12 %

Required Documents:

1. Work order sanctioned letter copy , KYC , LOI , Company Profile & Project reports and 2% cash balance statement (from the face value of the PBG).

2. We will arrange the actual / required value of performance BG for the required number of years for the client's projects as per clients wish.

3. Client should collect the required/ Model PGB from the work order provider and send it to us along with the above said documents

4. After receiving the above said documents, it's subjected to bank process, then the soft copy of the PGB will send to the clients bank/ The work order provider for formal verification within few days .( Name correction, Change of terms or mistakes)

5. Once the PBG is OK with the contents, then we will send/ call the client for agreement

6. After the agreement, the client should transfer 2% cash amount to the said bank account.

7. After the agreement, within one or two days, the hard copy of the performance BG instrument will send to the client designated address prescribed in the agreement.

8. After receiving the performance BG instrument, client should precede the further process and bank to bank confirmation. Once it's done, client should pay the rest of the amount 8+2% immediately.

Private Cheque Basis

Arranging private loan (cheque Basis)to business people based on bank turnover, mode of payment '' cheques ''

Minimum amount 5 lacks to Maximum 5 crores.

Rate of interest start from 2% to 3% monthly (Subject to profile)

Minimum expected monthly bank turnover 15 lacks & above.

Suitable for school, college, manufacturers, logistic, jewel shop, petrol bunk, textiles, builders, super markets, fmcg disterbuter &hotels etc...

Also welcome channel partners. Direct sales associates, Bank managers, executive, real estate consultant, auditors, tax consultant, etc..

E-Services: All type of Auditor services

1) Income Tax, GST , Auditing , Accounting & Booking Keeping

2) ESI/PF,Payroll,PAN/TAN,ROC Compliance

3) TDS/TCS,REG-Pvt Ltd & Partnership,Trust,MSME(r)SSI

4) IE Code , Digital Signature , Project & CMA Reports

5) Inventory, Trademark, Patents & Copyright